indie event - a shortened form of an independent event.   An event produced by our creative team.

Independent of the mainstream commercial or every day event market which includes such 

institutions as event agencies/companies, art directors of clubs, restaurants & other venues.

We are the Pioneers who will elevate the concept of an event

to the next level

We want to fulfill the idea of a natural event to every person who has an interest in healthy living:

- An event without alcohol or other intoxicants, without wasting your health for the sake of having fun

- An event without uselessly spending money in the night clubs which impose mainstream culture

- An event that is designed & created based on your guests or your preferences / hobbies / memories  

- An event where you are the architect of your own Space of Joy

- An event where all guests will be deeply involved in the flow of action, within one big private atmosphere

- An event with well chosen music vibes [ of all known music styles ] throughout the different zones

- An event where each guest will get their own portion of excitement & will remember it for a lifetime!


 Our skilled & gifted specialists are ready to serve you by thinking out & designing an event that will fullfill your dreams & will be remembered forever!  


"Designing and bringing to life your own Space of Joy" Sincerely Yours indie event RU Team

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.